Valent Air Management Systems is a designer and manufacturer of configurable, high-outdoor air, packaged ventilators for use in many different systems and applications.


At Valent’s core is a commitment to quality expressed in the following four categories:


We believe that quality products begin with quality people, which is why we continuously invest in the development of our teams.


Quality products are not manufactured by accident; they are the result of repeatable, quality-focused processes.


The internal components of our products play a vital role in unit operation; as such, we partner only with vendors who share our passion for quality.


Valent’s engineering and design team not only focus on quality in new product development, but regularly revisit existing designs to improve quality and manufacturability.


As evidenced in the use of direct-drive supply and exhaust fans, energy recovery options with no moving parts, and a dependable controls platform, Valent equipment is designed for safe, consistent performance throughout it’s entire service life.


Valent’s product portfolio offers multiple forms of cooling, heating, and energy recovery in four different casing sizes to fit a wide range of applications.


While the shipment of a unit from one of our two US-based manufacturing facilities marks the end of the production cycle, it is only the beginning of the commitment to our customers and their investment in our products.