Valent equipment is offered in a number of configurations to meet a wide range of applications and systems.


VPR and VPRX Series

The VPR and VPRX are capable of cooling, heating, and dehumidifying a wide range of entering air loads up to 100% outdoor air. In applications requiring powered exhaust, the VPRX offers modulating exhaust fans for pressure relief and economizer control.


VPRE Series

The VPRE expands upon the VPR packaged platform to include an air-to-air enthalpy wheel and powered exhaust fan section. Two enthalpy wheel types are available: a lightweight polymer wheel with silica gel desiccant, and an aluminum wheel with molecular sieve desiccant. 

VPRC Series

When recovering sensible and latent energy is a priority but the maintenance requirements of an enthalpy wheel are unwanted, the VPRC with its enthalpic core heat exchanger is an excellent alternative. The enthalpic core heat exchanger has a 0.5% exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) as determined by AHRI 1060, and can safely handle accumulated condensate without sustaining frost damage.

VPRP Series

In applications where sensible-only energy recovery is desired, the VPRP delivers with an all-aluminum flat plate heat exchanger that has a low pressure drop and an extremely low cross-contamination rate. Although commonly used in dry climates, the VPRP is also effective in high-humidity or polluted spaces where airstream cross-contamination is undesirable.