Valent's highly configurable options result in platforms that are well-suited towards several types of systems and applications.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) are defined by the separation of space and ventilation loads. DOAS ventilation loads are almost exclusively 100% outdoor air and typically at volumes where air-to-air energy recovery is required. Valent offers a broad range of cooling, heating, and energy recovery combinations for direct integration into these systems.

Make Up Air

Make-up air systems continue to grow in complexity and require greater control over space conditions. With the ability to precisely control leaving air temperatures of 100% outdoor air loads in heating, cooling, and dehumidification modes, Valent make-up air units are up to the demands of these installations.

Variable Air Volume

Variable air volume systems (VAV) are commonly used to address the wide range of load distribution within a space. With features such as VFD-driven supply and exhaust fans, cooling and heating capacity modulation, and integral energy recovery, Valent equipment is designed to handle the variation these systems demand.

Comfort Cooling

While standard minimal-outdoor air packaged rooftops can meet the needs of these systems, many owners and engineers see benefit to using a fully-featured air handler in its place. Valent products are well suited towards these installations with modulating cooling capacity, a true dehumidification cycle, low-sound condensing fans, and air-to-air energy recovery in a single footprint.