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Proper HVAC equipment operation is important to any building owner in order to keep building occupants comfortable and healthy. It is particularly important that the proper amount of ventilation air, including fresh outdoor air, is being circulated to maintain a healthy space. The amount of ventilation air brought into each space is difficult to distinguish at system startup, not to mention after years of operation. To combat this, Valent offers several air flow measurement options to monitor equipment functionality.


Every Valent unit is designed to provide a volume of air which is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). There can sometimes be internal (dirty filters or mechanical issues) or external (ductwork or VAV box issues) issues causing the unit to be providing something less than the desired air flow of the unit. In many cases, the building owner would not be aware of this ventilation shortfall.

With air flow measurement sensors, you can ensure the proper amount of fresh air is being supplied to the space which may be a matter of code compliance, safety, or comfort. Air flow measurement sensors can notify the owner of this shortfall so they can help diagnose what might be happening in the HVAC system.


Air flow can be measured at multiple locations within the equipment, depending on the needs of the application and the building owner. Valent offers factory-installed sensors at the outside air damper, the supply fan, or the exhaust fan. A building may require one, two, or all three of these points of data.

If first cost is important, fan air flow monitoring is the best choice because it is the most affordable.

  • Fan – Low-cost option, uses a pressure-based measurement to measure air flow
  • Damper – Higher cost option, uses thermal dispersion to measure air flow

With a wide range of options, Valent makes it easy to monitor your equipment. Coupled with our Web UI offering, Valent provides building operators with the tools needed to keep your HVAC system running properly.

Download the Air Flow Measurement Datasheet to learn more.

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Valent offers sensors at the damper, supply fan, or exhaust fan. Fan air flow monitoring is the most affordable.