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Valent's new 3-7 ton DOAS unit delivers unmatched features and quality at an affordable price. Features available on Valent's smallest unit include:

  • Inverter scroll compressor. Many manufacturers offer this quiet, efficient compressor, but only as an option with added cost. The Valent VX-12 comes standard with this industry-leading technology.
  • High turndown furnace. Valent offers a 16:1 turndown furnace to maintain comfortable discharge air temperatures at part-load conditions.
  • Ultra-quiet and efficient condenser fans. The Valent serrated fan blade design is up to 12 dB quieter than a traditional condenser fan and is standard on every unit. Also, the VX-12 condenser fan always has an EC motor, further improving performance.
  • Horizontal return. Installation flexibility is required for many jobs and the VX-12 offers the traditional vertical supply and return or the highly desired horizontal supply and return, not widely available.


  • Airflow: 500–2,500 cfm
  • Cooling: 3–7 tons packaged DX
  • Heating: Gas (16:1 turndown available) or electric
  • Compressor: Inverter scroll standard
  • Condensing fan: Serrated fan blades, ultra-quiet operation, EC motor standard
  • Duct connections: Vertical and horizontal

Valent VX-12

The Valent VX-12 includes a standard inverter scroll compressor and a quiet and efficient condenser fan with EC motor.


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