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According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, HVAC energy use accounts for anywhere from 25%-40% of energy consumed in commercial buildings. As Valent and other manufacturers move towards designing more efficient HVAC equipment, microchannel coils are becoming a key component to improving overall efficiencies.


Microchannel coil technology is not new – these types of coils have been used in vehicles for decades. The HVAC industry first started using this technology 15+ years ago but experienced some operational challenges. Significant improvements have been made in HVAC applications since then with a subsequent increase in reliability. Over the next few years, you will see a trend towards microchannel coils as manufacturers have shifted to meet new efficiency standards from the Department of Energy.


Compared to a standard fin and tube coil, microchannel coils are up to 30% more efficient. There are several other benefits to these coils:

  • Lower weight. The all-aluminum construction and overall smaller structure makes them lighter weight and safer to handle.
  • Lower pressure drop. Compared to fin and tube coils, microchannel coils have less depth (are thinner) which typically results in lower air pressure drop, less space constraint, and better airflow transitions. This means condenser fans don’t have to work as hard to move air through the condensing section.
  • Environmentally friendly. Microchannel coils require less refrigerant, which makes them more environmentally friendly. This also supports green building efforts such as LEED Certification.


Microchannel condenser coils started shipping on Valent units in 2020. The increased reliability has been evident during that time with extremely low failure rates (less than 0.1%). The microchannel coils are not hard mounted in the unit, which allows room for the coil to expand and contract and improves overall functionality. As with all Valent’s engineered designs, rigorous efficiency testing was completed to ensure the components we use are of the highest quality.

Microchannels caption image

Microchannel coils are lower weight, use less refrigerant, and are more efficient than standard fin and tube coils.