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Commercial HVAC equipment requires regular service to maintain peak performance. Building operators often have limited resources, so it is critical that your HVAC unit is easy and efficient to service. Valent dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) are designed for serviceability with key features to make the process as simple as possible.


Valent DOAS equipment is designed to last, but once installed, regular maintenance helps keep the unit running efficiently. Valent’s robust design extends to the easy-to-access components with multiple access doors. Direct drive fans used by Valent DOAS are low maintenance compared to belt driven fans offered in other systems.

Energy recovery devices save energy, but only if they’re working properly. Valent’s full-width energy wheels are installed on a sliding track and can be easily pulled out for service and cleaning. A wheel rotation sensor, included as standard, notifies owners when the wheel is not operating as it should.


Valent’s pre-engineered controls are installed at the factory and all components are factory wired back to the controller or terminal strip. This allows all components to be controlled via one access point. 

Save time with Web UI, which is included on all Valent units. Using an Ethernet cable, operators can connect directly to the unit from a laptop or tablet. Web UI offers a more intuitive view of the unit and is much faster than scrolling through small, handheld keypad screens. Watch it run on the screen and observe if the fans, dampers, cooling, and heating systems are responding appropriately to the demand signal.


Regular maintenance can help ensure your HVAC system is delivering the correct amount of outdoor air to the spaces it serves, keeping occupants comfortable. If an issue does arise, your local rep is an excellent service resource to diagnose issues and get your system up and running quickly. They are supported by Valent’s knowledgeable technical support team.

    Valent unit on a rooftop

    Serviceability is critical when technicians are working on rooftops and out in the elements. 

    DOAS unit with easy-to-service enthalpy core

    Valent’s robust design extends to the easy-to-access components with multiple access doors.